"You'll never have someone who is a partner in helping you build like you do with a hands-on architect. Jan listened not only to our ideas, but also to our needs, and understood how we live so that she could give us meaningful changes. She completely steered the process for us. We'd never get that from an anonymous book plan. We went to three builders for pricing and each of them was extremely impressed with Jan's thoroughness and her knowledge of the building process."

"Although both my husband and I are practical people, it was really Jan who made us think about costs early on. She had us get preliminary ideas of what we wanted in kitchens, baths, brick, etc. so that she could help us estimate if we were designing a house that fit our budget. A critical step since we've had many friends design on paper the house of their dreams, only to be told that it is hundreds of thousands of dollars outside their budget..."

Dan and Kathi R.

The responsibility of an Architect is to serve as the Client's advocate.

Most people contract for construction only a few times in a lifetime. Buildings are expensive. As a result, living or working in a poorly designed building is disappointing to say the least. An Architect can help the Client visualize space, analyze the use of that space, and communicate details with the Contractor.

Visualize: Renderings are a highly valuable service provided to my clients.

My renderings enable my clients to view options from the start.

  • See exteriors and interiors from any angle or distance.
  • See material options, colors, textures, furniture arrangements, landscaping, and lighting.
  • My clients can better visualize the size of spaces and feel how they flow.
  • Costly changes during construction are less likely because my clients understand the space.